ColoAU operates a global network, peering with over 500 networks, utilizing multiple upstreams and transport providers our network is built to preform. We use the latest Juniper Routing & Switching equipment.

Global Network

With points of presense across Australia, New Zealand and the United States, ColoAU's network has the global scale you require! Check out our Points of Presence.

Offering a variety of services through our global network, including Domestic & International Transit and Layer 2 Transport we are able to cater to the changing needs business face.

Need capacity now? ColoAU's revolutionary Transit on Demand service allows you to buy capacity now, delivered in 90 seconds via Megaport's interconection platform. With Transit on Demand you are able to scale your bandwidth with the simple click of a button, allowing businesses the ability to manage their network spend like never before!

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