ColoAU's Wavelength service is your own dedicated point to point delivery connection, delivered end to end by our own equipment. Unlock secure, dedicated and highly flexable capacity to support changing connectivity needs.

Point to Point Transmission
Delivered by ColoAU

Spanning Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Singapore, ColoAU's Wavelength product is the extremely scalable, high bandwidth transmission service you've been waiting for. Supporting a wide range of client interfaces, metro, inter-capital and international connectivity options our transmission product is your one stop for Point to Point connectivity.

Who is it for?

Catering to businesses of all size. Does your business need secure, high capacity bandwidth delivered quickly with local support?

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  • Small

    10 to 100

  • Medium

    150 to 500

  • Large


Key Features

  • 1.25Gbps to 50Gbps Wavelengths
  • OTN, Ethernet, SDH/SONET & Fibre Channel Interfaces
  • Scalable as requirements change
  • On premise or datacentre delivery
  • AES-256 Encryption Available
  • National and International Reach

Why choose a Wavelength Service from ColoAU?


Our transmission network is constantly monitored by our network operations team, ensuring stable service.

Guaranteed end to end

From transmission to service delivery, we manage everything ensuring a high quality of service.

AES-256 Encryption

All of our wavelength products support AES-256 designed according to FIPS 140-2.

High Capacity

From 1.25Gbps to 50Gbps we can support your ever changing capacity needs.

Smart investment

Start with 1.25Gbps and scale as your business grows, be ready for what ever tomorrow brings!

Australia to beyond

Network reach across Australia, Singapore and more international POP's coming soon!